Thursday, August 27, 2015


What You Need to Know

Here are a few helpful things for the “New to and Not so New to Online Bible Studies” that might help you have the BEST online Bible study experience.  In fact, whether you’re new or a returning participant & friend, read this! If after you read this, you still have questions, email me back.

1.  The study takes place right here and on our God’s Girls Facebook Page.  This is your #1 source of information. The study is run on Facebook, and you have to have like me Facebook so I can add you to the God’s Girls Facebook page —  

2.  Every Monday of the study, I’ll share a basic overview and introduction of that week’s lessons to help you prepare for the week. 

·        Every Thursday at 8 pm, for approximately one hour, we will meet up live on Facebook to discuss the week’s assignment, fun activities, a time of sharing God’s Word and occasionally PRIZES!!!

3.  There will be Bible study activities emailed to you & posted on the God’s Girls Facebook page on various days during the week.  There will be homework and study ideas, memory verse suggestions, discussion questions, video messages and opportunities for you to share. All of this is optional.

4.  You’ll need the book (or e-book) we are studying in order to participate in this Online Bible Study. We will be using only the book. You will not need any other materials, such as a participant’s guide or DVD.  You can order or pick up the book almost anywhere books are sold; books can also be purchased at the CCMV Campus Bookstore, aka “Watermark.”

5.  Other items that will be helpful for this study:  a Bible, a notebook/journal, pen or pencil and highlighter.

6.  You will get out of this study exactly what you put in to it. Your Bible study leaders will encourage you to keep up with our schedule by carving out a specific time to work on Bible Study. Make this study a priority. You signed up.  That means you are making a real commitment to this study and that’s great! You can do this!  Make this a priority in your life. You are worth it! And you won’t regret it!

Many Blessings,

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