Friday, May 27, 2016

12 Women of the Bible - OBS

Many of you have ask, so wait no longer! Here it is...  

Part 2 of Twelve Women of the Bible online Bible study! 

Listed below are the incredible women that we will be studying in the remaining 6 of 12 Women of the Bible. Just like the first 6, each one these ladies also have their own unique life-changing story that we can learn from as well.

Week 1 – Eve:  Finding Lasting Contentment in the Truth
              Friday Video

Week 2 – Leah: Overcoming Rejection and Insecurity
              Friday Video

Week 3 – Hannah:  Surrendering in Waiting
              Friday Video

Week 4 Abigail: Dealing with Confrontation in Relationships
              Friday Video

Week 5 – Mary, Mother of Jesus: Moving from Comfort to Courage

Week 6 – Mary Magdalene: Transforming from Outcast to Follower

I pray you’ll join me on for the next six weeks, beginning June 2nd as we explore the lives of remaining women.

My goal is to make the fun and easy, so I’ll be trying some new ways to present this to you. In doing so, please give me your feedback: likes, dislikes – I want to make this the best experience possible.  I am open to all your incredible ideas of how to make this not only fun and easy but life changing for each of us.

If you have any questions or if this is your first time joining us, feel free to send leave me a comment below.

Big Blessings,


Here's the link to our previous study

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