Monday, August 8, 2016

Terns for Terns

Terns are related to gulls but are generally smaller and more slender, with relatively long pointed wings and straight pointed bills. Most terns feed exclusively on small  fish captured by plunging headfirst into the water from flight; some noddies and some terns pluck prey from the water's surface rather than plunge-dive. Most species forage singly but gather in noisy flocks where food is concentrated. These feeding frenzies may also include gulls, especially small species, and jaegers. Terns roost in dense flocks on sandbars or beaches.

Least Tern (above is a picture of an adult breeding Tern). Common locally around nesting colonies; uncommon to rare elsewhere. Nests on sand dunes just above high-tide lines among scattered debris and grass, as well as flat rooftops near water. Much smaller than all other terns, with relatively slender wings, short tail, and very large bill. In breeding plumage note white forehead and yellow bill.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Source: The Sibley Field Guide to Birds

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