Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I Learned in September

Today I'm linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky to share "What I Learned in September."  So,  here's a few things I learned along this month's journey.

  1. I'm learning that Blogging is Fun! I edited the picture above using a program called Pic Monkey. It's quick and easy, just click a few buttons, add your text and save to your computer.
  2. My maiden name is Cooper and a cooper is someone who crafts barrels (read that in a blog and also goggled it!). So could that be the reason I love making crafts! Hum?!*
  3. The Great Wall of China measures more than 5,500 miles, that's a round trip from New York to San Francisco!
  4. I learned another interesting photo technique called photo stacking. unlike a collage the photos are stacked or time-lapsed into one photo. The file I wanted to use was too large - I didn't save it as jpeg - still learning. However, the program allows you to create some very interesting photos. You can stack as few as 10 or as many as 340+, according to an article in the June 2013 issue of Digital Photo. It's a free program, you can goggle or  you can check out Star Circle Academy, he has a nice tutorial on How to Stack Images.
    • So as not to be undone, here's a photo-stack of the moon using 14 different time-lapsed photos.

These are just a few of the things I learned in September. Now I'm getting ready for the 31-Day Blog Challenge. "I'm Ready - Let's get this party started!"


  1. We are neighbors over at Emily's this month... I have been wanting to learn how to Photo Stack! I will have to look that up! It looks fun! I love making crafts too and that NY to SanFran is a great visual in really grasping the Great Wall!

    I am gearing up for 31Days as well! It's a challenge for sure - but so much fun! Glad you are playing along!


  2. Howdy neighbor! Thank you for stopping by. Check out the video in the link above he does a great job explaining photo stacking. Quick and simple!

    I will look for you on the 31 day challenge


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