Sunday, July 5, 2015

Helping Your Child Memorize Scripture

Here are 12 other tips for helping your child memorize scripture: 

1. Take one phrase at a time and repeat it over and over with your child. Once he has mastered that phrase, move on to the next one, building on each one until he can say the entire verse. 

2. Put a dry-erase board (or chalk board) in a high traffic area of your home and write the verse of the week on it. This will serve as a reminder to you and your child to keep reviewing it. Have the board within view of your dining room table so you can talk about it during meals.

3. Use a dry-erase marker to write the verse on your child’s mirror.

4. Write the verse on an index card and keep it in your car. Start the verse by saying the first word, then take turns with your child, each of you saying a word from the verse until you have said the whole verse. 

5. Scramble the words of the verse on a piece of paper and have your child unscramble them, putting them in the correct order.

6. Put the words of the verse to a simple tune. Sing this tune each day and during bedtime routines.

7. Use small rewards when your child can recite the verse for you without any help.

8. Bounce a ball to your child saying one word of the verse and have her bounce it back, saying the next word, and so on.

9. Use sign language or make up motions to go with the words. Have your child sign with you.

10. Have an older child write the verse in a journal, maybe even using colored pencils and color-coding certain words.

11. Use websites or smartphone apps to assist your child in memorizing the verse.

12. Most importantly, discuss the verse with your child. Talk about how he can incorporate it into his daily activities, and have him brainstorm ways to apply it.






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