Saturday, September 26, 2015

How to Choose a Life Verse

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Having a life verse is a great way to personalize and immerse yourself in Scripture. It should inspire, challenge, excite and energize you. Your life verse can be your anchor in the stormy seas and your compass to direct you forward.

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is found in Hebrews 13:5…God said, “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” It was a promise God gave to me at a time I was extremely ill; no matter what I’m going through, I remain God of His promise (mostly, He reminds me)!

So how do you choose a life verse? I’m so glad you asked!

1.     Start with the question: What do you need from God? What seems to be in short supply in your life when you really need it?

2.     Think about your strengths and passions. What moves you, motivates you, makes your heart sing?

3.     After you have thought about your needs and passions, pick three or four “themes” that are important in your life. Go to and enter those key words in the search box to find verses that contain your life themes. Write down the verses that say something about your heart and walk with God.

4.     Pray over the verses you find. How will you spot your life verse? Easy! Your life verse is the one that makes your heart go “Ahhhhhh …” as it breathes new life into you!

5.     After you have selected your verse, get to know it inside out. Verse map it. (If you’ve never done verse mapping, check out our Bible Study Skills archive  to learn how!) Memorize it. Look for a song that refers to the themes in the verse. Interact with your verse until it becomes your anchor and your compass.

6.     And remember, choosing “life” verse doesn’t necessarily mean for the rest of your life!  Your life verse can change as you enter new seasons of life.



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