Monday, July 11, 2016

Pickerel Weed for Pickerel Weed

Pickerel weed is an aquatic native plant found throughout Florida. This perennial is usually found in shallow wetland areas or around the edges of lakes and ponds. The aggressive habit of these plants helps stabilize the banks of natural water bodies and retention ponds.

It is a complement to water lilies in the home water garden – adding texture, height, and a harmonious flower. To keep it from invading and spreading, plant is in containers without holes.

Pickerel weed grows in shallow water no more than a foot deep. Shiny green lance-shaped leaves emerge in the spring from below the water and eventually grow to 3-5 feet above the surface. Purple-blue 3 to 4 inch long flower spikes can be seen several weeks after the apperance of foliage. Each flower spike holds numberous tubular purple lowers. Individual flowers last only a day, but this repeat bloomer can be enjoyed from spring through fall.

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