Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alone with The Father

Matthew 6:6 - When you pray go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place. Do you have a quiet place where you can get alone with God? He loves to hear from you! Just as much as we spend time on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter - God is wanting a little of our time. Our time with God is so important, it's the best part of our day; everything else falls into place when we start our day with God.

Matthew 14:13 If solitude was an important part of Jesus' life, shouldn't it be an important part of ours. Jesus often went to a quiet "deserted place" by Himself to get away from the crowds (the multitudes).

Mark 1:33 Again we see Jesus get alone with the Father in a solitary, quiet place and "there He prayed." Jesus prayer life was much more than ritual it was part of who He was. Some days we may need an hour other days it may  just just 10 minutes but it's important to daily spend time with the Father to be refreshed and invigorated. Consistently seek time to pray - it's so important.

Find a quiet place where you can close the door and communicate with the Father. Choose a time - morning, afternoon or evening; open your Bible and let God speak to you from His Word. Thank Him, praise Him and make your request known. He will answer your prayers - Yes - No - Wait; according to His will. It's in the waiting that's the hardest! Just Do It!!!

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