Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Predetermine Your Best Yes

In Psalm 119:29-32, the psalmist asks God to, “Keep me from lying to myself” (NLT) and affirms his determination to be faithful. Use this psalm as a reference for writing your own prayer. Acknowledge any concerns you have about the no answers you need to give. Ask God to broaden your understanding of the situations you face and to give you courage to say no simply, graciously, and honestly.

If you want to say yes to your Best Yes life, you’ll need to say no to some things that don’t fit the season you are in or don’t fit the convictions of your heart. And you can make some of those decisions much easier when you predetermine your Best Yes event or activity. It’s an intentional decision to underwhelm your schedule so you can overwhelm your soul.  When a request comes your way that conflicts with your Best Yes, you can quickly and kindly turn it down.
The Best Yes SG, pages 122-123

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