Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days - Day 17

Value-Driven Leadership (Psalm 15:1-5)

Psalm 15 furnishes us with a list of leadership traits. The character of those who may dwell with the Lord.

David describes a righteous person who walks with integrity and gains not only the respect of others, but also an audience with God (Ps. 15:1,2). He demonstrates why predetermined values and ethics, not expediency, must drive our leadership. How does David picture a godly leader? The leader...
  • possesses integrity - v.2
  • does what is right - v.2
  • is honest and trustworthy - v.2
  • does not gossip - v.3
  • does not listen to gossip - v.3
  • does not harm others  - v.3
  • speaks out against wrong - v.4
  • honors others who walk in truth  - v.4
  • keeps their word even when it costs them  - v.4
  • isn't greedy to gain at the expense of others - v.5 
  • takes no bribes against anyone - v.5 
  • is strong and stable  - v.5 
God honors those who keep their word.

The Maxwell Leadership Bible, p. 656

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