Saturday, December 14, 2013


12 Dimensions of Leadership

  1. Integrity: Leading through honesty and acceptance of personal responsibility
  2. Self-Renewal: Flexible, responsive leadership that makes good use of experience
  3. Fortitude: Acting with courage and confidence in the face of challenges
  4. Perceiving: Looking beyond current details to the big picture
  5. Judgment: Knowing what needs to be done and accurately anticipating consequences
  6. Performing: Getting results by overcoming barriers to effectiveness
  7. Boldness: An uncompromising approach that involves facing problems head-on
  8. Team Building: Accomplishing results through others by getting them to work together
  9. Collaboration: Sharing rewards and responsibility with others in the group
  10. Inspiring: Energizing, motivating, and encouraging others to pursue leader-defined goals
  11. Serving: Taking cues from followers and providing assistance that others can't get on their own
  12. Enthusiasm: pursuing objectives with passion and optimism, and attracting others to the cause

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