Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh The Places I Will Go!!!

Fun Things I've Learned so Far in 2014
2014 - I set out to increase my photography skills by learning new techniques. I bought the magazine, "50 Photo Projects" and below are two that I've completed so far - 48 more to go. The first on is called Polar Express! I did it using 2 clear plastic forks, my camera (of course!), lens, circular polarizing filter and my iPad as a backlight. I tried various arrangements with forks, spoons & knives but this is the one I really like. I set my camera to aperture priority and f/11

Water Drops - this took about 300 shots to get a single drop of water to drop like this! Just using a bowl of water, a Ziploc bag (something to hang it from), colored paper - I used cardstock paper and propped it against the wall, and my external flash (the flash freezes the water). The settings I used were - ISO 200, f/16, ss 1/250 sec and a shutter release. You can use different color paper to change the reflection and color of the water, this shot I used blue cardstock.

A different fascination I now have is Lighthouses. I started one day when I set out to find the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse, only to learn I couldn't get to it without an invitation and special permission because tours were no longer available. Below are just a few I visited since that day I set out on an adventure in November 2013.

Last week (March 28, 2014), my husband & I visited Savannah, Georgia. While trying to decide where to eat the night before - I saw an ad with the lighthouse below in it and told my husband we had to go find it. So we set out the next morning and found not one but two!

This is the Tybee Island Lighthouse - the oldest active light station on the Southeast coast. Many points of interest can be seen from the top, including the Cockspur Island Lighthouse below.

This little lighthouse - The Cockspur Island Lighthouse-  sits out in the water near the Fort Pulaski National Monument.

A few weeks ago returning home from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This one is located in Jupiter, Florida. It was just below sunset with the moon rising.

The Cape Canaveral Lighthouse is my favorite! It's located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station near Kennedy Space Center
Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station is 175 feet high, the tallest lighthouse in Florida and one of the tallest in the nation.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse - 140 years of history and 219 steps. And yes we climbed to the top of them all (except the little one).

When you follow your dream, you make it possible for others to follow their dream. More adventures, photo projects, and yes more lighthouses to come.



  1. Great article! Beautiful talent and love seeing your progress.

    1. Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Great to hear from you my friend and post such encouraging words!


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