Friday, August 1, 2014

Things I learned in July


Since the beginning of the year, I’ve committed to my improving my photography skills.

So, in July, I chose a slightly different take on a still-life project. I started with some frozen lemons & kiwi; the lemons didn’t quite have the transparency I was hoping for. However, I really liked the way the kiwis turned out after editing – the color  & detail in the fruit. After cropping and a few minor tweaks, below is the edited version of the “kiwi.”

The settings I used for this shot were: ISO 100, f13,1/320 sec & 46mm focal length.


Then, re-discovered my Wacom Bamboo (which I have had for years collecting dust) and having been using it to edit my photos. I particularly like the brush strokes used to edit this picture. I was able to remove the distracting power lines in the picture.

2014 07 23_4473_edited-2a2014 07 23_4473_edited-1a

Have fun with your pictures and ….give it your best shot!

The Master of Life gives me strength to make through life – one end to the other.


2014 Col 4_3

Thanks for stopping by my blog, be blessed!

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