Sunday, July 5, 2015

Photographing Fireworks

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, celebrating our country's Independence Day. This year my husband & I ventured out close to home to watch the local fireworks display. I wanted to test my skills for both Night Photography and Long Exposure. Thanks to Chuck Palmer's article in the Camera Club of Brevard's newsletter, I put his instructions to the test.
Here' what I got... 
 ISO - f16 - 18mm - 6sec
ISO - f16 - 18mm - 10 sec
ISO - f16 - 18mm - 10 sec
ISO - f16 - 18mm - 6 sec

All of these images were captured on a tripod using my Nikon D7100 camera and my Sigma 18-250mm lens; I went totally manual with a Tungsten WB setting. I had my cable release but I forget to readjust the setting for this after I had turned the camera off :-(

Next year, I'll be a little more prepare and a little more confident, with my cable release set to fire!



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