Monday, July 18, 2016

Q - was quite challenging!

"Q" was not easy for my nature topic. I decided I didn't want to do quail; besides I didn't have a picture of one in my photo library. Besides, the focus for me is to find things the represent nature that I've actually photographed. So the search began - I found it, I actually had pictures of them in my library. Yeah.

The scientific name for Grackle is begins with a "Q" - who knew!

Quiscalus quiscula - Common Grackle. Coloration of male Common Grackle varies across the species' range. Populations nesting along the Atlantic coastal plain south of New York, know as Purple Grackle, have uniform blue-violet or variegate multi-colored iridescence on body and wing coverts. Nests in trees, especially dense evergreens such as junipers.

Quiscalus major - Boat-tailed Grackle are common within a limited range. Nests and roosts in bushes in marshes. Forages for seeds and invertebrates on the ground close to water, usually in small flocks.

Quiscalus mexicanus- Great-tailed Grackle is not native to Florida

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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