Friday, December 16, 2016

More Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools

When we write it, we remember it!
In previous posts, we have look at different methods of studying the Bible: Inductive Bible Study – Part I and Part II, Studying the Bible in Context, and Memorizing Scripture. Today, I want to add to our Tool Box – Saturation – writing the Word. Because when we write it, we remember it.
Psalm 119:18 says, “Open my eyes so that I may contemplate wonderful things from Your instruction.” Prayerfully begin every day in the Word with this as our guide.
Our the next few weeks, I’d like to guide us through the pages of Ephesians with the Holy Spirit as our Teacher.
We will begin with a short passage in Ephesians. After reading the passage, I’ll pose a couple questions about the biblical text (the observation and interpretation portion of the study).
The next couple of questions will lead you to further contemplate how you can apply the truth of Scripture to your everyday life (the application portion of the study). Then you’re invited to write the Word (the saturation portion of the study). Now, depending on your Bible’s translation the verses you write for one day may end with a comma rather than a period. That’s okay. I’m using the New Living Translation, but you’re welcomed to use the translation you’re most comfortable with.
Begin and end each day with prayer, for we know when we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13)

A Journey Through Ephesians – A Call to Carry On
Paul wrote this letter while a prisoner in Rome, his purpose being to comfort and encourage the believers in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). In this letter, Paul presents and overview of history, beginning in eternity past, where God worked out his plans for the world; moving to the present, where God is saving those who believe in Christ; and then moving to the future where all evil will be overcome. He points out the “evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world” (Ephesians 6:12). But because we are members of Christ’s body, we have the power to stand firm. Paul deals then with practical matters relating to living the Christian life, marriage, behavior, parents and children, and servants/workers.
The basic idea in Ephesians is that God is working out His eternal plan through Christ and his body, the church. When people believe in Christ, they find salvation and safety. God has planned for this from all eternity and has given believers everything they need to live by faith. It is the believer’s responsibility to use the resources God has made available. Paul closes the book by describing the provision that God has made so that believers can withstand the worst of Satan’s attacks and be victorious when the battle is over.
I look forward to you joining me on this "Journey through Ephesians."
Experience the Bible by writing the Word.
Be blessed and be a blessing!

Word Writers Ephesians by Denise J. Hughes

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