Tuesday, June 16, 2015

To Journal or Not to Journal

Are you having a love hate relationship with your journal - some days I am;  or maybe you're asking yourself "what's all the fuss about?" For me, journaling is my communication log and it helps me recall my life's journey with The Lord. All the things He's brought me through - the good and the not so good. I can rejoice as I reflect on ALL God has brought me through - the answered prayers and even the unanswered prayers. As Christ-Followers we know that God's ways are not our ways and His timing is not our timing.
Trust and believe - God loves to hear from us and the more we get into His Word, the more His Word gets into us!
So why journal?

Here's the link to a youtube video I created - The Joy's of Journaling!


Keeping a journal helps you:

· Process and personalize what God is saying to you through His Word.

· Ask questions of the text.  The Who, What, When, Why and Where can all be written in your journal. (It doesn’t always have to be an “aha” moment, it can be a “Why did you say or do that, God?” Or any other question that may arise from your reading.)

· Confirm what God is speaking to you personally. (Some of my biggest God moments have truly come from something I had written in my journal, only to hear a pastor or speaker say the very words later.)

· Keep track of your journey. (It helps to see things that God has brought you through. We might not have reached our destination, but it helps to see that we’re not still wandering in the desert.)

Because our relationships with God are all unique, I expect our journals will be very unique and personal, as well.

Some ways to journal include:

Composition Notebook/Binders etc.
Some people like to use colored pencils, highlighters, drawings and special symbols. Others just love to stick their pens to a page and write whatever is on their heart.

Journaling Bible

A Journaling Bible is a Bible designed to write or draw in it. Say what? Write in your Bible? It’s true — it has lined margins for you to write your thoughts, cross reference or whatever you choose to aid you in your studies.  There is a whole community of artists out there who do artistic representation of Scripture in the margins.  I’m blown away by their gifts!

I’m not artistic in the least, but I do love having the margins to write the date and take notes in!

Whatever method you choose to use, when we allow the truth of God’s Word to penetrate the truth of our real lives, something special happens.

Our journals should be a place where God’s Word and the word of our testimony intersect.

It’s when we allow our hearts to be changed that our ministries and callings are found.

Pastor Marks teaching on the “Adventures of Journaling” - https://www.calvaryccm.com/media/main/MB255/the-adventure-of-journaling

Meditate on these scriptures: Hebrews 10:35-36, Jeremiah 33:3 and 1 Samuel 16:7

Here’s a journaling page I created; feel free to use it and share it! Click on the link: https://db.tt/7qUOgH9c





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