Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days - Day 8

In Luke 5:27 Jesus said to Matthew (Levi), "Follow Me." He left it all, rose up to follow Jesus.

Things left behind by people who rose up to follow Jesus...
  • Fishermen left their fish
  • The woman at the well left her waterpot
  • the widow of Nain left her son's casket
  • Lazarus left his grave clothes
  • Mary left eh pieces of her alabaster box
  • Bartimaeus left his beggar's clothes
The people who soar the highest in the Lord are those who left things behind. We limit our Christian walk and witness when we are not willing to do so as well. Satan wants to weigh us down with the stuff of this world. Jesus wants to set us free.

It time to free ourselves of the things we're trying to hold on to that have no eternal value. Time to line up our priorities with God's priorities. It's time to free ourselves of the weight of the world and focus on Jesus.

Are you willing to "Follow Jesus" or do you want Jesus to follow you?

The adventure doesn't begin until we go all in with God and start living for His purposes. Mark Batterson.

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