Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spiritual Growth

The Pathway to Spiritual Growth 

     God want His children to be the image of Christ but we do not grow in our faith unless we take action.  

     First, we are responsible for renewing our mind (Romans 12:2). Though God saves us and gives us a new spirit. He does not give us a new brain. Our minds have many trenches that have been dug or worn by rebellion, self-focus, or habit. That is why it is important to meditate on the Bible, which expresses the thoughts of God. Meditation is more than reading – it involves thinking about what the words mean and then applying truth. There’s no way to grow spiritually without absorbing Scripture into our thinking. 

     A second step toward Christian maturity is being ready to admit and assume responsibility for failure. When we deny our sins, we delay spiritual growth, but as we learn to confess wrongdoing, the opposite happens – growth is inevitable. 

     The third step naturally follows the second: after confession should come repentance. This is more than a mere acknowledgement of wrongdoing or a promise to try harder. Repentance means that we commit to make an about-face and head in the opposite direction from our sin. 

     Our Father’s goal is for all believers to continually make progress toward Christlikeness

With these steps, you’ll develop in that direction. And the most important consequence is that your relationship with God will deepen. 

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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