Monday, October 19, 2015

The God First Life, Questions

What does it mean to put God first in your life? Matthew 6:33 tells us to “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness”, but how do we accomplish this when life seems to crowd out the best of intentions? Work, family, and so many other responsibilities take up every waking minute of our day. Is it possible that we are missing something?

Sometimes, when something appears to be simple and straightforward, it is actually deeper and more complex than we realize at first glance. Some Bible verses are like this - Jeremiah 29:13.  

Why does God want us to search for Him? He wants to strengthen us, He is preparing us for ages to come if we learn to pray, worship and walk by faith on this is of eternity. The earth is our boot camp or spring training. (Read and compare these verses Hosea 10: 12. Amos 5:4, Matthew 6:33, Jeremiah 29:13)

Seek means to search, quest, find – we are to “seek the truth” and that truth is God. When we seek Him wholeheartedly – He will be found!!!

Everyday God speaks to us. Seeking God’s voice is challenging – there’s no special formula if you do A or B but not C – NO – the Bible give us this promise, that when we do seek Him with everything we’ve got…we will find Him! Jesus is our example.

Grab your Bible and your journal or a notepad and answers these questions:

1. When did you become a Christian (or maybe you are still investigating) and how has God changed your life since that time?

2. Even after we become Christians, we can still have questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, Heaven, among other things. What was a question you grappled with after becoming a Christian that eventually made sense? Why is it okay to love Jesus and follow Him and still have questions?

3. Read: Matthew 6:33. How can seeking first God’s kingdom, His will, and His righteousness help make sense of the questions we might struggle with?

4. In the times and seasons of life when we actually seek first God’s kingdom and His will for our lives, things often seem to fall into place and make sense. Tell about a time or a season in your life when you really devoted your heart and life to seeking God’s will. How did God come alive, show up, and work during this time?

5. In Matthew 6:33, Jesus teaches us that order is critical. Seek first His kingdom. What have you noticed happens in your life when you seek God’s kingdom first? What happens when you seek your will, your desires, and your ways first?

6. When you became a Christian, you were ushered into a new family. Tell how God impacted your life through your new brothers and sisters after you followed Jesus and became part of His church.

7. Read: Proverbs 3:5-6. How do these wise words of Proverbs echo the heartbeat of Matthew 6:33? How does trusting the Lord with all our heart help us seek Him first?

8. Respond to this provocative statement: “When order is restored, blessing is released!” Do you agree? If so, why? Do you disagree? If so, why?

9. Read: 1 Peter 1:13-16. How can walking and living in holiness increase our happiness? How can turning from God’s ways and living with self-centered desires (rather than a God-first life orientation) rob us of joy and happiness?

10. How have you experienced the blessing and happiness of God as a direct result of setting God-honoring priorities and seeking him first in your life?

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