Monday, October 17, 2016

That's a Wrap

Unashamed Online Bible Study Wrap Up

This is it! We’re finally at our wrap-up week! I hope you have been impacted and changed, and most of all encouraged, by the Unashamed Bible Study!

When I look back to the day I first held Christine’s study guide in my hands and I thought, Easy peasy! Not my issue. This’ll be a piece of cake! Little did I know how much this study would impact me.

What was your most important take-away from Unashamed? It may sound pretty basic, but I think for me it was as simple as realizing that shame was such a big struggle and that God wanted me to be brave and honest so that He could heal me. Sometimes we need a bold and audacious friend to go before us and show us that we can do it, too, don’t you think? This study by Christine Caine (CC) did that for me.

You will heal as you go. The same Jesus that did it for me, I know, will do it for you! — CC

GOD LOVES YOU. God has a plan for you. NOTHING can separate you from Him. — CC

We are scar-covered, but those marks don’t define us. We’ve all been broken, mistreated, made a mess all by ourselves, gotten caught up in sin, and have at times been a witness to unspeakable events. But, because of the Cross, we can be free! And we can’t be used by God for good!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. — John 8:36

Enjoy This Week!!!

This Isn’t Goodbye…

I have loved being your Online Bible Study leader and praying through each week for all of you who’ve joined us. Let’s stay connected and continue to pray for each other!

How is your life and future going to be different because of what you have learned in this study about living unashamed through the power and grace of Jesus?

You will probably be receiving a survey from CCMV Women’s Ministry in the coming days or weeks. Your responses help me improve and get better as we continue to offer Online Bible Studies.

God, thank You for Unashamed. Thank You for the work you’ve done in our hearts and lives during these weeks. Thank You that we cannot even begin to imagine all that You will continue to do to unshackle us from crippling shame and lies of the enemy. Thank You that You’ve already paid for everything in our histories and futures that he accuses us of. We’re free. Free to fulfill our destinies. And free to dance! Help us as we continue to be healed. We trust in You and we love You! Amen and amen!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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